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Poor cell network signal has been an issue for New Zealanders since the start of wireless networks, and many parts of the country still have poor service. We've been connecting Kiwis for over 10 years—using our tech know-how to boost cell phone signals and fix weak signal problems.

We've used our extensive experience to develop high-quality cell phone signal boosters specialised for use in New Zealand. Our range has you covered—providing both single- and multiple-band boosters to get you connected no matter your network. Our products are certified by regulatory authorities, and we provide a generous warranty and 24/7 technical support. Choose us for a stronger, more reliable cell phone connection in New Zealand. See the difference today!

Whether you are looking to improve signal in your boat, home, restaurant, office or farm, we have a product that will fit your needs. 

Whichever mobile carrier or technology you use; we have a product that could help you improve your signal. Our range of boosters covers the frequency bands that are used by the leading cell phone carriers in New Zealand.

Our line spans a wide array of signal ranges, so whether you need 150 sqm or 1000 sqm we can get you connected.

We have boosters available for almost all the major carriers operating in NZ. What’s more, our range of dual- and multi-band boosters simultaneously amplify the signal from 2+ networks, giving you versatile and robust reception.

Work Anywhere: Grow Your Business

Maximise productivity no matter where you are. Our signal booster provides nonstop communication and internet access, enabling professionals and businesses to thrive anywhere.

There’s no doubt about it. We are more connected than ever before. And while that has many benefits, it also means we rely on our cell phones a lot more. Reliable cell phone service has become essential for personal and work activities. However, many people deal with frustratingly poor signal reception, especially in areas with spotty coverage. Thankfully there is a solution. Mobile repeaters can help, improving our signal and changing how we stay connected.


Cell phone signal boosters or repeaters are devices made to strengthen and enhance cell signals.


They have three main parts:


An outside antenna that picks up the existing weak signal.

An amplifier that boosts the signal strength.

And an inside antenna that rebroadcasts the improved signal in a specific area.


This comprehensive solution effectively removes signal black spots and ensures smooth connectivity across mobile devices, improving cell phone calls and 4G/LTE internet connections.

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How It Works

Wireless network signal travels through the air in the form of waves. The outdoor antenna is designed to receive the weak signal from the air and transmit it to the indoor booster. The booster amplifies the signal based on its frequency and emits the amplified signal through the indoor antenna making it available for use. Installing the cell phone signal booster is so quick and easy, even a kid could do it!

2 step set up

1.Simply set up the outdoor antenna in a place where you would expect to get a good signal and connect it to the booster device using the long cable provided.

2. You then attach the indoor antenna to the booster, plug the booster into the nearest power socket, and you are ready to go!


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We are here to help

Mobile signal boosters are a specialised technology used to improve cell phone signal in areas with weak reception. We have done our best to make sure our boosters are simple to install and easy to use. We recognize, however, that some customers do still experience issues during and after set up, and anomalies can occur which disrupt the amplifier (booster), even when it is set up correctly. If you do experience an issue with your booster, do not worry! Mobilesignalboosters NZ team are available 24/7 and are committed to helping you with any problems you run into. Your satisfaction is our priority, so do not hesitate to call us – we are here to help!

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Connecting People: The Benefits of Using Cell Phone Signal Boosters in NZ

In today's connected world, a strong cell phone signal is a must-have. Don't let poor signals slow you down. Our mobile phone signal boosters change how you connect, offering advantages that redefine connectivity. Look at the benefits:

Customized For Your Area

Our cell boosters are set up specifically for your home, office, or other fixed spot. Enjoy full coverage across your entire space with no black spots.

Steady Performance

No more dropped calls or slow internet. Our cell phone boosters provide a steady, strong signal for nonstop communication.

Works With Different Carriers

Switch cell phone carriers without losing signal quality. Most of our phone boosters work with various mobile carriers, so you can choose the best network for you.

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