Delivery Terms

Cell Phone Boosters New Zealand cares about the customer experience and ensures that the customers have their products delivered as fast and reliably as possible. Therefore, our company partners up with carriers that offer high standard shipping service in exchange for an affordable shipping price.

Currently, the carriers of the our company are DHL, EMS and TNT. Our product is directly delivered from the manufacturing plant in order to make the delivery process faster. In case there are any custom fees for your purchase, please, contact our Customer Support department without taking any action. We will take care.

When the product gets shipped out, we provide our customers with an email with a tracing number that helps them track the package during the entire shipment process. Delivery can range from 9-11 business days up to 12-15 days depending on the location.

If the product is ordered before 09:00AM NZT (UTC+13), it will be shipped out in the same day. Delivery fees are included in the product price.

In case the product is damaged, the client must open a case with the carrier companies like FedEx and DHL.


From the moment when the product is shipped out, our company does not fully control the shipment process. However, we provide our customers with the necessary means to track the product using a trace number, and conducts all the activities according to the international standards for the delivery procedures. The company also monitors the process and updates customers on any delays in the delivery period as well as possible issues with international transit. If the customers would like to return the product, they will be free from paying the export fees. More information about regulation is stored here.

Delivery speed can vary based on the cooperation between the company and bank of the buyer. The speed of the delivery will be relatively faster if both the company representative and the bank come to an agreement. The product get shipped out as soon as the payment is confirmed.


Attention - From January 2024, all custom orders recommended by our agents require at least 7 days processing time. Custom orders are designed to operate under extremely weak signal conditions. We carefully test the product through a series of stress tests. Once we verify that the signal solution may operate under a weak signal or boost large buildings, we ship it to the customer, keeping our promise of a 1-week time frame. Please note that these orders are dispatched from the main Hong Kong warehouse and may also require about 3-4 days of clearance time.

Customers will not face any issues with product clearance or taxes as we take all responsibilities.