Pro Dual Band Signal Booster Voice & 3G– 300 sq.m.

(Vodafone, 2Degrees & Warehouse Mobile)

  • Application:

    2 Band
  • Coverage:

    up to 300 sqm
  • Ideal For:

  • Provider:

  • Frequency:

    900/2100 MHz
  • Data:

    3G Data & Voice
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Benefits and Features:

  • Instant Signal Boost of up to 5 bars
  • CE & RoHS ISO Certified Product
  • Easy Installation
  • Instant Technical Assistance
  • 3-Year Warranty Included

$ 570

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Kit includes:

  • 1x repeater
  • 1x indoor antenna
  • 1x outdoor LPDA antenna
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x 15 metres cable
  • 1x 5 metres cable
If our standard package cable length is not enough to cover your area you have an upgrade option.
Upgrade your booster kit with our internal antenna for optimal performance in larger spaces.
Price Match Guarantee

Do you have poor outside coverage? If that’s the case, we share your pain and offer help! Do not miss the chance to purchase this Powerful Unit in order to have an amplified signal even with poor outside coverage (even as low as 1 bar). Equipped with dual-band transmission and available at an affordable price, this model is uniquely attractive. It’s perfect for small offices, flats, houses, boats, and other areas. 

The setup takes only a few easy steps, and your signal will rocket in no time! If you face any issues whatsoever with the mobile phone booster, you can have us help you. We offer a 24/7 support for all our customers. Also, this powerful device comes with a 2-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and also features free delivery!

  • Technical Sheet
  • Coverage
    up to 300 sqm
  • Use
    Big Boat
    Medium Home
    Small Office
    Other Middle Areas
  • Operator
    Vodafone (Voice & 3G Data)
    2Degrees (Voice & 3G Data)
    Warehouse Mobile (Voice & 3G Data)
  • Frequency
    900/2100 MHz
  • Number of simultaneous users
  • Up-link
    890 ~ 915 MHz
    1710 ~ 1785 MHz
  • Down-link
    935~ 960 MHz
    1805 ~ 1880 MHz
  • Voltage
    AC:90~265V, 50/ 60Hz;DC:5V 2A
  • Dimensions
    198*138*30 mm.
  • Weight
    1.1 kg
  • Max Gain
  • Output Power
    23 dBm 27 dBm
  • Ripple in Band
  • Noise figure
    4.5db 8db
  • Time Delay
    ≤0.5 μs
  • MTBF
    > 20000 hours
  • Power Consumption
  • Impedance
    50 Ω
  • RF Connector
    N -Female
  • Cooling
    Heat sink Convection cooling
  • Cooling
    Heat sink Convection cooling
  • Humidity
  • Ambient temperature
    -15°C ~ 55°C
  • LED
    • Power
      Red - Normal Off - DC power problem
    • DL (Downlink)
      White - No signal received Solution: Adjust the outdoor installation to get sound signal Green - Signal received ok but not perfect Red - Full signal received
    • UP (Uplink))
      Flicker - When there is a call it is normal Green - Always green means self-excited Solution: Turn off the booster, adjust the indoor and outdoor antenna again and try to expand the distance or create some barriers between them.


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Rasheed Corwin Verified Customer2024/06/08
We live in rural Tasman area. Previously, we'd get one bar of 3G on the windowsill not to mention the countless dropped calls. With the product installed we now get 3-4 bars in all rooms, 4G at times, and no more dropped calls. I'd recommend it despite its high price. I am happy I bought it early enough.
    Solon Stokes Verified Customer2024/06/02
    I operate as an office manager responsible for offering all the things we might need to the entire office. We moved to a new office building two weeks ago (it's totally new, we're the first to rent the place). The bad gsm and connection on the internet led to a severe problem for us as customers were irritated by poor customer services as most calls were dropped. We pooled resources and ordered the product with some other closest offices. It has been installed today. None of my colleagues have complaints yet, and I can't give a comprehensive feedback on the product. Will definitely give my review later.
      William Feil Verified Customer2024/05/28
      Works just great. You have to have some amount of signal in the locality so that it can boost it. No signal at all means almost no boosting. You also have to follow the installation instructions and esnure that the antennas correctly aligned with the nearest cell tower. All things considered it works pretty decently.
        Paul M. Verified Customer2024/05/21
        The product is fabulous, has an awesome UI, delivers a strong signal, is simple to install. It might be a bit too costly but from my past experience with signal boosters, this one is the best as it gives me the peace of mind I need.
          Craig Stiedemann Verified Customer2024/05/12
          The 4G signal could only get to one corner of our home. With the unit, we have a strong signal in every room. Installation was easy, and it improved the Internet speed.