Pro Mobile Booster – Spark 4G – 600 sqm.

(All NZ Operators)

Bestseller Pro Mobile Booster – Spark 4G – 600 sqm.
  • Application:

    1 Band
  • Coverage:

    up to 600 sqm
  • Ideal For:

  • Provider:

  • Frequency:

    700 MHz
  • Data:

    4G Data
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Benefits and Features:

  • Instant Signal Boost of up to 5 bars
  • CE & RoHS ISO Certified Product
  • Easy Installation
  • Instant Technical Assistance
  • 3-Year Warranty Included

$ 650

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Kit includes:

  • 1x repeater
  • 1x indoor antenna
  • 1x outdoor LPDA antenna
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x 15 metres cable
  • 1x 5 metres cable
If our standard package cable lenght is not enought to cover your area you have an upgrade option.
Upgrade your booster kit with our internal antenna for optimal performance in larger spaces.
Price Match Guarantee

Maintaining a steady connection over a large area usually poses a lot of obstacles, so we are here to remove them for you. Our powerful single-band 4G signal booster will enhance even the weakest signal, giving you a connection you can rely on.  We offer a full installation kit along with the booster, and a set of simple instructions to follow. You will have your new booster up and running in no time! The delivery is also quick and free of charge. Just hook it up and watch your signal go from 1 bar to 5 in seconds. If you encounter any kind of problems throughout the whole process, just contact us via a 24/7 customer support line.  We provide security for our customers, so you get not only 2-year warranty for our product but also a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case the booster you chose wasn’t a perfect fit.

  • Technical Sheet
  • Coverage
    up to 600 sqm
  • Use
    Big Boat
    Medium Home
    Medium Office
    Other Middle Areas
  • Operator
    Vodafone (4G)
    2Degrees (4G)
    Spark (4G)
    Skinny (4G)
    Warehouse Mobile (4G)
  • Frequency
    700 MHz
  • Number of simultaneous users
  • Kit
    Repeater and all accessories
  • Up-link
    746-756 MHz
  • Down-link
    777-787 MHz
  • Voltage
    AC:90~265V, 50/ 60Hz;DC:9V 3A
  • Dimensions
  • Weight
    1.3 KG.
  • Max Gain
    ≥ 65dB
  • Bandwidth
    Wide Band
  • Ripple in Band
  • Output Power
    20 ±2dBm 25 ±2dBm
  • Noise Figure @ max. gain
    ≤ 6 dB
  • Return loss
    ≤-8 dB
  • Time Delay
    ≤0.5 μs
  • MTBF
    > 50000 hours
  • Power Supply
    AC:90~265V, 50/ 60Hz;DC:9V 3A
  • Power Consumption
    < 20W
  • Impedance
    50 Ω
  • RF Connector
    N -Female
  • Cooling
    Heatsink Convection cooling
  • Dimensions (L x W x H )
  • Weight
    1.3 KG
  • Installation Type
    Wall Installation
  • Environment Conditions
  • Humidity
  • Operating Temperature
    -10°C ~ 55°C


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Reviews (176) Questions (0)
Regan Verified Customer2023/12/07
This signal booster, which is not only effective but also reasonably priced, has provided an excellent solution.
    Ignacio Verified Customer2023/10/20
    My entire house has got a superb-quality signal since I installed this booster, including the bathroom and the basement. The children use the basement as their play area, so they are overexcited now.
      Emilio R Verified Customer2023/09/25
      This unit performs exceptionally well, providing a consistent 5 bars of signal about 90% of the time. Occasionally, it may drop to 4 bars, but we've been informed that this can occur when external signal conditions worsen due to weather. Anyways, we have a good signal at all times!
        Austin O'Reilly Verified Customer2023/09/17
        To be honest, I have only used this device for about two months now. The service is excellent, and its consistency in cell signal is overwhelming. However, I really don't know about its durability yet. I hope it can serve me for a long time as it was a bit pricey...
          Dagmar Berge Verified Customer2023/09/15
          This repeater works as it promises to do. Considering the performance and coverage, it is the best on the market.